Water Skiing at Galijibag Beach

Water Skiing

For the speed lovers Goa offers the thrill of combating the sea on speedboats. These boats running at the speed of 30-40 miles an hour can carry between six to eight people are available at the various beach resorts like Cidade de Goa, Taj Hotel, and Oberoi, water sports clubs and hotels in Goa. You can also opt this speedboat for sightseeing on the coastal areas of Goa. One needs to be an extremely good swimmer for trying water skiing. If waters are rough, you should avoid skiing. Water-skiing, in fact, is a good exercise to your body.

Water Skiing Gears:


•Water ski Binding 

•Water ski Bag

•Water ski Gloves

•Water ski Ropes & Handles

About Water Skiing

Water skiing is a lot more thrilling like snow skiing. The first major factor is that there’s no snow or mountainous slopes instead one glides on water. Secondly, you need to be good swimmer because you never know when you have to let go off the tow-rope attached to the boat.

Splashing through the watery depths isn’t new for those who love to glide through waves. There’s a good similarity between surfing and water skiing but the major difference is that here your hands aren’t free. While surfing take places in the high tides of the ocean, water skiing is not restricted to sea only; it can be done in lakes too.

What You Need For Skiing :

1. Although initially you might have to face a few tumbles (especially for those who are not at all experienced it before), but later on you are going to love it.

2. For water skiing, all you need is strong leg and back muscles and a relaxed posture. 

3. Do not stiff your body and practice to slightly bend your knees and maintain them parallel to each other.

Safety Tip : But before you try to thrill yourself there are few safety measures that you need to observe. Firstly if you are a beginner never go alone. Always take a safety observer with you. Try avoiding skiing in rough waters as rough seas affect the course and speed of the boat. Do learn to communicate with your operator via signs to reduce any confusion. 

Water Skiing Safety Tip :

You should be a good swimmer

Always ensure that apart from boat operator, there is an observer on the boat.

If waters are rough, avoid water skiing because rough seas affect the course and speed of the boat.

Also learn the important sign language because it will help you to communicate with your operator without any confusion.

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